November 9, 2021

The VIth International Conference “Crimea in the Present International Environment” was held in Simferopol. Conference organised by the Government of the Republic of Crimea represented by the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Crimea under the President of the Russian Federation, “Business and Culture Center of the Republic of Crimea” State Autonomous Enterprise, the Black Sea International Cooperation Organization.

Forum participants adopted a resolution.


Of the VIth International Conference

«Crimea in the Present International Environment»

We, the participants of the International Conference «Crimea in the Present International Environment» — independent experts, representatives of public, educational, youth and cultural organizations from different countries, having discussed the current problems of contemporary geopolitical situation in the world, in the Black Sea region and around Crimea, observe with alarm and concern the following:

  1. In the past decades the world, as never before, is on the verge of a dangerous confrontation, threatening with new military conflicts.
  2. The USA and its allies have increased political, economic, financial and humanitarian pressure on the Russian Federation, especially on Russian Crimea, by imposing illegitimate sanctions against the Russian state and a blockade of Crimea, which aim not only to undermine Russia’s economic and political stability, but also to cause maximum harm to the residents of Crimea.
  3. The incalculable information war is unleashed against Russia and Crimea. Distorted information about the situation in Crimea is presented to the peoples of foreign countries and attempts are made to destroy the traditional values of the multinational Russian people.
  4. The situation in the Black Sea region has become extremely tense. The USA and NATO countries openly declared the Black Sea basin as a zone of their «special interests». The establishment of NATO military bases aimed against Russia on the territory of the Black Sea states, the permanent presence of US and NATO warships in the Black Sea and their provocative actions off the coast of Crimea create real threats to global international security.
  5. After the coup d’état in Ukraine, the ruling nationalist circles of this country have been constantly trying to initiate provocative acts against Russian Crimea. Another such step was the creation of the so-called «Crimean Platform» and attempts to impart it an international status.
  6. The internationalization of this and other similar projects, attempts to attract other states to these initiatives aim to declare a total blockade of the people of Crimea, isolate it from the global space.
  7. In the USA and in a number of European Union countries there is increased pressure and direct repressions against public figures and movements that advocate cooperation and constructive dialogue with Russia, for the recognition of the Russian status of Crimea, against the policy of sanctions, blackmail and the build-up of international tension

In the current conditions of international crisis, the role of civil society institutions and people’s diplomacy in establishing a constructive dialogue between peoples increases significantly. Public organizations from different countries can and should unite their efforts for the sake of peace in the world.

On the basis thereof, the participants of the Conference:

— Call on the peoples, parliaments, governments and public organizations of various states of the world to do their utmost to prevent confrontation and military conflicts, stop the arms race and escalation of international tension, ensure peace and stability in the world, direct the efforts of states and the international community to constructive purposes.

— Advocate immediate cessation of destructive sanctions policies and call for a constructive dialogue between all countries and peoples.

— Emphasize the importance of finding a way out of military tension in the Black Sea region; and in this regard the Conference supports the idea to convene in 2022 an International Forum of Public Diplomacy «The Black Sea Collaboration», where issues of security in the region and the restoration of cooperation in the economy, ecology, education, culture, wide social relations should be discussed.

— Declare the need for international recognition of the legitimacy of the 2014 Crimean Referendum, as well as withdrawal of the Crimean issue from the political agenda in Russia’s relations with Western countries.

— Condemn attempts to create various initiatives for the international isolation of Crimea, including such as the «Crimean Platform”.

— Oppose the information blockade of Crimea, pressure and repressive measures against persons who visit Crimea and disseminate truthful information about Russian Crimea.

— Consider it necessary to expand the international movement in support of Crimea and provide assistance to the International Association of Friends of Crimea.

The participants of the conference consider it necessary to disseminate this Resolution in parliaments and mass media of their home countries, as well as in social networks.


November 09, 2021


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